If it is your first time raising money from an angel group, it can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  However, when you emerge with an investment, your business model will be better refined, you will have a team advising you who have their money on the line with you, and your chance of success is likely much greater than going alone.


Gust Platform

We use the platform to store information and track progress of your company. Please follow this link to apply and enter as much information as possible about your opportunity. This is the beginning of our investment process.


Meeting with a Mentor

After we have reviewed your application and there is interest from the group, a member will contact you for any additional information we might need or with ideas that may assist you.


Selection Team​

Once your mentor feels you are ready, you will present to our selection committee to determine if you are qualified and ready to present to the entire group. The feedback that you receive from this can be very valuable for refining your presentation and other aspects of your business


Presenting to the Group

You’ve been working hard and are fully prepared to present to the entire group. You have one chance to pitch to our whole group so be prepared to make the most of it.  


After our Investment

We continue to assist our companies as needed.  Sometimes members may serve on your board of directors or act as an informal advisor. We can also be a source of connections for next stage investment, acquiring talent, or connecting with customers.


Communication with our entrepreneurs is key to success.  We expect to hear about the good and the bad, but we do not micromanage you.  Unlike free advice, our advice comes with investment.  If you succeed, we succeed!


Investment Criteria

We are seeking to invest in opportunities that have significant return on investment.

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